As a young theatre student who'd never been to a play in his life, August Schellenberg, well known for three Free Willy movies, saw his first play. That play was King Lear. Augie dreamed that one day he'd do Shakespeare. As years went on, the dream evolved. Why not an all Native Shakespeare? A phone call from the National Arts Centre, four decades in the making, brought tears to Augie's eyes, his voice was finally heard.

Chasing Lear is a documentary film capturing the ground breaking theatre production of Shakespeare's King Lear at Canada's premiere theatre, the National Arts Centre in Ottawa. A story within, an all star Native cast on the main stage of an A-house theatre is a first in Canadian history.

Viewers experience rehearsals, the development process and interviews with cast and crew who are pioneers and trailblazers like Tantoo Cardinal (Dances With Wolves), Lorne Cardinal (Corner Gas) and more artists who all stepped forward for the opportunity to honour Augie's dream.